Alex Reichert
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About me

Aside from developing earth-shattering refrigerator-themed web apps, Alex's greatest accomplishments include:
  • getting Yo-Yo Ma to sign his t-shirt
  • doing a kickflip
  • playing the Dvorak Cello Concerto
  • finishing The Count of Monte Cristo (1400 pages!)
  • handily beating 2048
He also speaks Korean, Spanish, a bit of Japanese and Arabic, and is fluent in Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Backbone, SQL, and HTML5 (among other things).
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combines elements of tumblr and Pinterest to give users the opportunity to share any variation of media and build an online portfolio. Built on Rails with Backbone, using jQuery and the API.

is a clone of the popular retro game "Snake". Navigate the board with the arrow keys while you try to eat as many cookies as possible. Avoid running into walls, and don't eat your tail! Built in Javascript.

is the classic arcade game built with HTML5 canvas and Javascript. Blast asteroids with the spacebar while you navigate with the arrow keys!

uses Ruby metaprogramming and SQL to clone Rails' ActiveRecord ORM features. Includes has_many and belongs_to associations.