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Get out of the house

The suffocating feeling of being stuck or trapped at home can be extremely depressing and counterproductive. The obvious solution to ridding yourself of this feeling is to get out of the house when the oppressive comfort of it makes you want to do nothing more than sink into the couch and sleep away a life of dullness and despair.

I know it sounds a little dramatic, but saving the world requires a little flair at times. This is also the point at which someone with ADD might stop reading, and God only knows how long it will be before ADD starts trending on Twitter and replaces bisexuality as the latest teen fad. This is my preemptive strike.

So if you’re trying to get work done or give your mind some fresh stimuli, go to a cafe, coffee shop, tea shop, or anywhere in public where you can park yourself by a window and feel as if you’re participating in society while simultaneously forcing yourself into a position to be productive.


Be healthy

This is often neglected by those of us who can get away with an unhealthy lifestyle without suffering any of the physically apparent consequences. Even if you could inject a Big Mac into your blood stream on a daily basis without getting obese, a healthier lifestyle will do wonders for your brain, which is another organ those of us out of school often neglect.

Instead of viewing exercising and eating nutritious food as a chore, it’s important to view a healthy lifestyle as inextricably bound to our potential success in life. Also, it is much easier to appreciate the benefits of diet and exercise when we understand exactly how they affect us from a physiological standpoint, such as their ability to bolster our immune system and lower our resting heart rate. This is why anyone who has ever taken a class on the subject almost always commits to transforming their lives during the period of the course, and why this commitment often fades within a month or two of the final.

Anyway, for those who want the quick fix, do 20 pushups, 20 squats, 20 lunges, and a 1-minute plank. Maybe 2 or 3 times a day. Then stuff your face with apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, any fruit you can get your hands on. Quench your thirst with a cup or two or water. And for the icing on the metaphorical cake, use that water to knock back a daily vitamin and an omega-3 supplement.

I am far from an expert on the subject of diet and exercise, but I know that if I exercise and eat a few fruits and veggies on a daily basis, I feel way more energetic and better about myself. And that’s all that matters.


Go outside

This could be included with #1, but I think it deserves its own section. Going outside is easily one of the best ways to lift your spirits and get inspired. Just getting some fresh air and hanging out with nature can do wonders.

If you live in a city and nature is less accessible, find a park. Or just go for a walk. Get a bike and coast around town. If you live by mountains, go for a hike. If you live by the ocean, go to the beach. At night, go someplace where you can look at the stars. Everyone knows the therapeutic effects of nature, but not enough people take advantage of them.

Beautiful, right? I think this section speaks for itself.


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